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Magic of Acrylics
Book 1


Painting lovely paintings makes you appreciate the world around you more intensely than you could ever imagine! Brenda Harris believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to experience that elation and has dedicated her career to making it possible. For more than 20 years she has been teaching through PBS and has written dozens of art instructional books. Thousands and thousands of ordinary folks have become accomplished artists following her tutelage. You can to. Whether you are just getting started or are an accomplished painter, this book offers exciting experiences for you as it is designed to give you enjoyment and creative challenges regardless of your experience. It contains all the basics and more, from how to get started, recommended materials and equipment, fun and easy techniques, art terms, how to make corrections, how to clean and store your brushes as well as detailed, comprehensive instructions for completing 13 exciting paintings. The 13 paintings in this book are varied from floral, wildlife, rural to ocean scenes and more. The instructions are presented in easy to follow narrative and are further explained in detail using hundreds of close-up color photographs. The photographs give you a clear observation of what is needed and how to use the tools properly. Nothing is more valuable to an artist than showing exactly which type brush to use and how to hold the brush for each technique. This book is chocked full of this and much, much more!
Projects in this Book
Aging Gracefully
Aunt Martha's
 Autumn in the Cascades Blowing In
 Fantasy Fish Tales
Florida Backwaters
Hay Days

Indian Harvest
Last Stop
Loon Lake
Something In The Air


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