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Magic of Acrylic Painting Series 5





Magic of Acrylics
Book 5



Brenda Harris is a natural born teacher and wants you to enjoy painting and the feeling of accomplishment it brings. She affirmatively states that she has never met a person that did not say that learning to paint had enriched and made their lives happier. So what are you waiting for? Choose one of Brenda’s books and get started. This Step-by-step book has clearly written instructions and matching photographs showing which brush to use as well as how to hold it for each step in each painting from beginning to end. You will find the color photographs throughout the book vibrant and true to life. You will be successful whether using the same or using your choice of similar colors and brushes as the detailed photos in the products section makes it easy for even a non-painter to cross reference paints, brushes and tools. This book is truly a “no stress” way to learn and is a testament to the fact that Brenda is a highly skilled teacher and author who will give you all the instruction you will need to succeed. Brenda’s down-to-earth manner of describing what to do is a delight to follow.

Projects in this Book
 Burning of the Stubble
Sand & Sea
Spring Flowers
Turkey Trail


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