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Painting with Brenda Harris Series 3 Book

Painting with Brenda Harris
Grumbacher - Series 3



With this book, you'll easy acrylic technique. Brenda guides you through each painting step by step, from the first brushstroke down to the last detail. She also explains all the basic brush techniques and provides dozens of useful tips and patterns.

You'll learn to paint everything from a gorgeous lighthouse to a cascading waterfall ... night-time atmosphere and a delicious basket of apples. You can almost hear the red-winged blackbird singing his melody, and enjoy the peaceful ambiance of the Blue Ridge Lookout.

Create a lovely painting you can be proud of in just a few hours.


Projects in this Book
 An Apple a Day
Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse
Beside Still Waters
Blue Ridge Lookout
 By the Light of the Moon
Chip off the Old Block
 Day Off
From Mother's Garden
My Friend Shane
Rock City
Sing Along
Springtime Cascade
 Tennessee Sunset      


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