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Brenda Harris Slowblend® is a clear, slow-drying medium. It dries flexible but is less water resistant than Whiteblend or Clearblend. When applying paint to the canvas, Slowblend is used primarily to slow the drying time in the final layers and details. I add about 1/2 teaspoon per cup of water in my water container as I paint to slow the drying. In arid locations, I double the ratio. Mix no more than one part Slowblend to two parts paint; too much Slowblend can compromise the paint binder, which causes paint to lift easily fromt he canvas. Heavy use of Slowblend is not recommended when subsequent layers of paint are to be added. 8 oz. bottle


Brenda Harris Whiteblend® is excellent for painting wet-into-wet and creating soft, subtle colors. Acrylic paint dries slower and blends better when mixed with it. It can also be used as white acrylic paint, or you can mix it with tube or squeeze bottle acrylic colors to tint them.


Unless otherwise noted, all colors or mixtures in Brenda's instruction books should have water or a medium added tot hem and be mixed to the same consistency as Whiteblend. 8 oz. bottle


Brenda Harris Clearblend® adds transparency to colors and dries flexible and water-resistant. It appears white in use but dries clear; it also is permanent when dry. Use it to create soft edges, transparent glazes and gradual blends and washes. Clearblend is frequently used to coat an area of dry paint before adding additional colors, allowing you to add and blend the additional colors using the wet-into-wet technique. Clearblend dries slower than acrylic tube or bottled colors and at the same rate as Whiteblend. 8 oz. bottle

Brenda Harris Acrylic Mediums
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